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                   The latest improved services:

- anti-aging program
- biological deep-peeling program
- detoxification program
- hair removal program
- skin tightening and weight reducing program
- laser removing tattoo program
- distribution of Carat cosmetics and other nutritional supplements
- distribution of magnetic jewellery

Harangozóné Dabis Zsuzsanna

Master beautician and anti-aging specialist

H-6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Vöröskereszt u. 8.

Tel: +36 62 234-066, Mobil: +36 20 340 8949.

E-mail: zsukozmetika@vnet.hu

Web: www. zsukozmetika.hu




             SPA detoxification and rejuvenation program


Regular detoxification is absolutely necessary for our health and

to avoid illnesses.

Our blood carries the harmful substances everywhere in our body

and if they are stored up we lose our vitality and they can acidify

our body.

These stored up excreta and toxins cause pain, weaken the

immune system and increase the risk of evolution of illnesses.

Especially recommended in case of

- arthritis

- gout

- diabetes

- high blood pressure etc.

Do not hesitate, come and get rid of all toxins.

A course includes 8-10 treatments, minimum two

occasions a week.

SPA VITAL detoxification machine – suitable for home use – can be ordered.





A fight against time and fat


This treatment revolutionized the body and face treatments.

Mesotheraphy means that concentrated cosmetic agents

(vitamins, hyarulon acid etc) are injected in the skin and the tissue

under the skin with a fast moving small needle. The agent takes

effect where it is needed.

Treatments should be applied as a part of a course. A course

includes 10 weekly treatments.



                              Pascaud anti -aging program 


I learnt this brand new cosmetic method in the Netherlands.

With the help of this natural biological anti-aging program you can


                              10 years younger in 10 weeks.



It consists of the following parts:


1. BioSkinJetting: A natural method of wrinkle correction. It

functions without any injection of substances alien to the body.

Your skin fills the wrinkle itself with the body's own collagen.


2. BioSkinSmoothing: This device prepares the skin for the

BioSkinJetting treatment. The BioSkinSmoothing device

emits a high-frequency signal to the skin via a 24-carat gold,

sterile 'smoother'. The signal has a contracting and smoothing

effect on the skin of the treated area. This method is also very

suitable for treating scars, acne and warts.


3. Carat SkinRejuvenation program: A new innovative solution. It

optimizes the condition of your skin inside and outside,

slowing down the aging process and encouraging your body to

form collagen.

It has two parts:

a) nutritional supplements, which have a positive effect on

the condition of the skin.

b) Cosmeceuticals which protect and care for the skin.


4. L3 laser technology: the PASCAUD L3 pulsing diode laser

905nm (IR) works on a constant wave-length and its invisible

laser light stimulates the cells. This is a lllb class cold laser

product and as the cells are affected they become vivid and

their energy level increase.

As a result of the increased cell activity the laser decreases

wrinkles and a skin tightening effect can be observed. This is

the so called 'lifting' effect.


                                   Tattoo Laser removal


Parents warn their children 'Be very careful with tattoos because

you will have to wear them your whole life', but unfortunately in

vain. Then the figure, picture or text, which seemed a good idea at

first, is tattooed into the skin. And although it is regretted later we

have to wear it for our whole life.

Well, this is now a thing of the past, because, with the help of the Qswitched

Nd-Yag laser we can treat these unwanted tattoos

efficiently. The wavelength of the laser is 1064 nm/532 nm. It is

suitable for removing black, blue or multicolored tattoos. It works by

delivering light at an incredibly high energy level for a fraction of a

second onto the skin. This selectively breaks up large molecules,

such as tattoo pigments, whilst causing very little damage to

surrounding tissues. The “chopped” tattoo pigments can then

become absorbed and disappear from the body after a time.

This treatment is suitable for removing cosmetic beauty tattoos

and traditionally drawn tattoos as well. These treatments occur





After the 3. treatment



Biological deep-peeling program

Professional peeling


With this treatment the skin can become tighter and smoother

independently of age and skin type. This method is a

breakthrough in the field of anti-aging processes and a great leap

forward in the rejuvenating methods.

By removing the devitalized cell layers the healthy, new cells are

given room which give back the tightness and clarity of the skin.

It is recommended in case of the following problems:

- wrinkles,

- uneven skin structure,

- pigment stains,

- sun damaged skin,

- decreased flexibility,

- pale skin (in case of smokers)

After a 10-day home preparation the treatment is recommended

for no more than twice a year.


                             Hair removal program

                                Treatment with flashlight


 Photothermolysis is a light and heat therapy during which a 450-

1100 nm wave length controlled 20kv flashlight is created. This

flashlight damages the follicle as it is absorbed by the melanin in

the hair follicle.

The darker the hair is then the more light energy it absorbs.

This procedure can be performed on any parts of the body which

have unwanted hair.

The treatment is applied monthly.


Skin tightening and weight reducing program

Our body can be formed but we just need to do something about it.



This treatment helps to solve the problem of orange peel.

The main reason behind cellulite is the increased level of toxins in

the body.

Orange peel or cellulite is usually caused by these toxins

gathering around the thighs and buttock which are stocked in the

adipose tissue. Because of this truss connective tissue it gives

the skin the bumpy appearance. The most important thing is to

start and then speed up the lymph circulation with the help of

vacuum. Even after a few treatments the result will be visible. The

surface of the skin becomes more even and tighter. An excellent

result can be reached by performing the procedure 2-3 times a week.


Hot chocolate body-pack

This self-heating body-pack has relaxing, antioxidant and weight

reducing effects. A real indulgence.

It is recommended weekly.


Body treatment with fruit of the sea

This treatment is done with black mud from the Dead Sea, which

helps the skin to regain its original shape by regeneration and

causes local hyperemia, thanks to its high mineral content.

The tightening treatment is done with deep sea algae. In these

active alpha-blockers, which stimulate the demolition of fat and

amino acids, mineral substances and trace elements can be

found. These regenerate collagen.

It is recommended weekly.




                                              Skin polishing


This is a cosmetic procedure in which the dead outermost surface

of the skin is partially or completely removed by gentle abrasion.

The abrasion is from jets of aluminum oxide crystals. These

crystals remove the dead surface of the skin evenly, cleaning and

opening up the pores. They are vacuumed off simultaneously

through the hand piece from which the crystals are delivered. This

procedure has a stimulating effect on the cell division by helping

the skin regenerate. It improves the flexibility and tightness of the

skin and ensures the better absorption of the agents.

Applying it as a course has proved to be more efficient. A course

includes 4-6 treatments weekly.


                      Distribution of magnetic jewels


The Earth is a giant magnet polarized North and South. We live in

the period of the change of the two poles and this change has a

negative effect on living beings. The magnetic field is as important

to us humans as water, light and air. With the lack of magnetism

illnesses can appear.

Unfortunately we also have an unhealthy diet, we don't drink

enough and have a lot of daily stress. These cause illnesses. We

have sealed off the Earth's magnetic field with ferroconcrete

buildings so our body is denied its effects which result in illnesses.

By constantly wearing magnetic jewels we can regain our

body's magnetism.


Oxygen program: inner and outer application

Ultrasonic treatments


Special make-up

Sterile waxing

Paraffin hand treatment

Distribution of Carat cosmetics and other

nutritional supplements

Distribution of Medik 8, English

professional beauty products